If you have already purchased domain and hosting. Connecting Domain with server is next part of starting website.

In this tutorial , we will show you how to connect domain name with hosting services.
Without connecting domain with any hosting you cannot upload files on internet.

There are two methods to connect domain with hosting.

1] Parking nameservers

park domain is a way to connect domain with hosting server.
Different companies have different name server but the method is same for all service providers.

Step 1: Adding site

Login to your hosting provider.
Under Websites setting add  a new site.

Type your domain name (ex:
It will check your website nameserver and give you a custom nameserver.

Step 2: Changing nameserver of domain.

Login to your domain registration Website.
List your domains.

choose your domain and click manage domain.
Under manage domain click on change nameserver.

Choose custom nameserver and paste the nameserver given by your hosting provider.
Now, Click save changes.

Changing nameserver can take some time.

After this the domain is parked successfully.
Refresh the site of your hosting , it will show you a massage "domain is parked successfully"