What you need before starting a Website ?


If you thinking to create a own websites like other and want to earn some money. Here we will show ,what you need to start a website.

Two things that is necessary to start a website is A domain name and a hosting.

What is Domain and Hosting and How to buy it.

1) Domain is nothing but a unique name/url of your website that is served over the internet.
(ex: example.com is a domain  name. Domain can be purchased from many domain name providers. such as GoDaddy, Bigrock, Hostinger.

If you want to start your website with a free domain then Go to Freenom.

2)Now, You have a unique domain,then second thing that you need is hosting.

Why need hosting?

Hosting is a place where all your files are stored and that files are used to show your content on internet.

Hosting are costly depending upon ,how much traffic and contents do you carry.

Different hosting companies provides hosting at reliable rates.  Such as GoDaddy, Hostinger and Bigrock.
Some companies provide free hosting as well with limited access such as 000webhost, Infinity free. Go there just by searching name on google.

000webhost is a popular free hosting providers.

Now, You have bought domain and hosting services.  The next step is connecting domain name with hosting services.

How to connect domain with hosting server.

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