if you are thinking to start a website but don't want to spend money.

Don't mind in this tutorial i will show how to get a free domain for your website.

Domain is unique name with extension such as .com, .org and .net
It's also have exetension with different country name for eg. .in, .uk etc.

But these types of domains are very costly.
If you are beginner, I will show you how to get free domain .

Step 1: Signup at freenom.

Freenom is domain registrar gives free  as well as paid domains.
Firstly signup at freenom registrar.

Click here to visit there.
Signup by using google.

Step 2: Find your perfect domain name.

Now, Go to register a new domain section under tab services.

It will redirect you to a new window.
Write any domain that you want, It will check the availability of domain.
if it will available you will see a massage that is domain is available.

Step 3: Checkout and register domain.

After finding available click checkout .
Select a free for 12 month period.

Fill all your details and register domain.

Now you see a confirmation massage with your order domain

Now You have successfully regitered a domain for 12 Months free.

Now ,How to connect domain with hosting server.   Click Here.